We Are Making the 2015 Catalina Film Festival, the SWEETEST Yet!

20150923_134413-1 1 Filmmakers will have this view for the next few days and it20150923_112753 could be a whole lot worse, right?  One of the great things about the island, is that you get to enjoy it before even setting foot ashore.  The ferry ride from either Long Beach or Newport Beach is comfortable and relatively quick.  Today, it took us 70 minutes and the sea was calm and welcoming.  Great start, right? 20150923_110557This picture to the left is from the front of our Catalina Express ferry. We made it safely and in good spirits, so our next move was to grab our luggage.  After that we found out accommodations and got to work. Oh, I almost forgot.  When you are riding over, be sure to take the example of these ladies and get yourself a #selfieonaboat. 20150923_111002 20150923_112843When that fun is over, you’ll hit land and you’ll just want to look back at people like you’re famous.  You might even find yourself taking a picture of someone taking a picture of something, like a tall palm tree.20150923_113141 The point is that there is always something fun to do on Catalina.  You just have to use your imagination…or go shopping, if you can’t think of anything on your own.   20150923_133958     OK, that was all just getting here.  You haven’t even seen the films yet. Here are the trailers! https://catalinafilm.org/2015-catalina-film-festival-trailers/ Are you tempted to take a day-trip?  We blogged about some options with deals! https://catalinafilm.org/festival-deals-ultimate-paradise-day-trip/ Let’s take a break for a peek at one of our sponsors getting things ready to WOW you.  I love these Mercedes Benz F Cell cars that run on hydrogen.  Amazing, right? 20150923_134323 The week is young and we promise to keep you up to speed with all the excitement that starts tomorrow. We can’t promise that there won’t be a few bad jokes along the way.  For example, we’d like to assure everyone that our film judges do not work here! 20150923_134131 OK, that was a REALLY bad joke.  Here’s some good news.  We can’t wait for you to escape to this island paradise with us to enjoy the cinematic gems that have been put together for this event.  We also love that you can put things like traffic and parking out of your mind, for a few days.  This is a Catalina traffic jam with a parallel parking challenge. 20150923_134608 OK, that’s enough.  We’ll just leave you with more of the beauty of the island.  Until tomorrow, friends!!20150923_112618