Commemorative Coins and Map Posters–2015 Catalina Film Booty

20150924_080954 These 5-year, Commemorative Catalina Film Festival coins,  were found on the beach this morning, guarded by the seagulls and the pigeons.  You can avoid the beaks and pick one up in the Festival Lounge located in The Metropole Hotel’s Conference Room. 20150923_131637You will see design elements on the coin that are consistent with the posters and the program.  Much of that design was from the talented man pictured here, J.B. Ong. We’re really pleased with how each item.  The good news is that you can get these items in the festival lounge. * The coins are just $2. * The posters are only $3. For $5 you’ll have a nice memento set. Additionally you can pick up some T-shirts. * You can choose the red V-neck for $20 * You can also opt for the black crewneck for $15 We’re not hard-selling the $35 complete wardrobe extension, but we wouldn’t argue if you inclined to take advantage of this stylish bargain. These items are all currently available in the Festival Lounge, located the Metropole Hotel!