2018 Catalina Film Festival – Awards

And the 2018 Catalina Film Festival winners are …

Award of Excellence – High School Student Film (Worldwide)  – “Mija”
Best of Fest – High School Student Film –  “Love Letter”
Award of Excellence – Advanced Student Film (Worldwide) – “Hard Boiled Eggs”
Best of Fest –  Advanced Student Film (Worldwide) – “Akeda (The Binding)”
Award of Excellence – Animation Short Film (Worldwide) – “The Christmas Rabbit”
Best of Fest – Animation Short Film (Worldwide) – “Two Balloons”
2018 CFF Judges Pick – “Make Love Great Again”
Award of Excellence – Conservation Film – “Meet the Real Wolf”
Best of Fest – Conservation Film – “Shadow of a Drought: Southern California’s Looming Water Crisis”
Award of Excellence –  Wes Craven Horror/Thriller – “Something in the Darkness”
Best of Fest –  Wes Craven Horror/Thriller – “My First Time”
Best Film Promotion – Rob Belushi for “Dylan”
Festival Treasure Award – “Sam Did It”
Award of Excellence –  Screenplay – “Audrey 2.0”
Best of Fest – Screenplay – “The Hardest Hit”
Award of Excellence – International Short Film – “17 Years Together”
Best of Fest – International Short Film – “Secret Sweets”
Award of Excellence – US Short Film – “Diwa”
Best of Fest – US Short Film – “An Act of Terror”
Award of Excellence – International Feature Film – “Beside Me”
Best of Fest – International Feature Film – “Love Possibly”
Award of Excellence –  Documentary Film (Worldwide) – “Handmade Film”
Best of Fest – Documentary Film (Worldwide) – “Love Always, Mom”
Award of Excellence – U.S Feature – “Virginia Minnesota”
Best of Fest – U.S Feature – “Bullitt County”

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