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John T. Frederick

LA screenwriter, a “bull without balls,” eight days from 60… drives into The Great American Southwest, searching for beauty… and a new story to tell.


Lynn H. Elliott

The time is the turbulent and violent California Mission Era.  A mixed-blood young man, who witnessed the slaughter of his tribe and mother, now serves as an unbaptized mission scout.  Can he find a home, a place he belongs in this ever-changing world, and an alien religion that assigns his heathen, unbaptized, mother to their Hell?   

American Daydream

Jim Grieco

An up-and-coming singer dreams of superstardom. When a car accident sends him three years into the future, he’s overwhelmed by the high price of fame; and discovers the wealth of true love.

Amy and Angel

Julia Verdin, Deedee Benkovich

Shy 16-year old Amy just wants to dance, but her deafness causes her dreams to be shattered when she is bullied out of dance class. Finding the most unbelievable new dance partner, her neighbors neglected dog, they perform a spectacular routine that lands them on a national TV talent show where they compete against her former dance crew.


Joseph Kibler

Set in early 2000’s California: Michael Desmond, a born HIV positive teenager struggles to figure out his relationships, school and his future. After learning his distant father has passed away, he travels from Los Angeles to a small town in Northern California called Capitola, where his father started over with a new family. Now he must not only tackle relationships, school and his future but also a eulogy.

Cecil’s Woods

CJ Hatch, Kevin Renshaw

When plans for a gas station threaten his home, a young orphan living in harmony with nature must unite his unique animal friends and a cast of characters to save “Cecil’s Woods.” A multicultural Moonrise Kingdom meets Holes with a dash of The Jungle Book.

Dial It Back

Erin Elizabeth Keefer

A newlywed couple in their forties discovers over Thanksgiving that their college-aged children, who are now stepsiblings, are dating, and they do everything they can to sabotage the relationship.

Field of Weeds

Kelly Jean Karam

A perpetually stoned and desperate marijuana farmer seeks advice from a sarcastic ghost on how to win back custody of her teenage son, while battling against the crooked winery baron hellbent on owning her land.

Good Guys With Guns

Randall S Overland

An armed robbery at a superstore in Tucson, AZ leads to a shootout as various gun toting shoppers seek to save the day. But when everyone’s got a gun, it’s not so easy to tell who the bad guys are.

Lucky – Love and Blood in the Time of Jazz

Tyler C. Turner

As a young man, Lucky Mason survived the 1918 Influenza Pandemic. He credits Jazz music for saving his life. 15 years later, Lucky finds himself caught between rival mob factions vying to control his Jazz club in 1930’s prohibition era St. Louis. To assist him, Lucky enlists the help of his best friend and mob enforcer, Frankie. What Frankie soon discovers is that the price for Lucky’s club may be something money can’t buy. Lucky is now forced to make a choice, a choice between Love and Blood or Jazz.


Joshua Marc Allen

Chris has always been uncertain as to what he really wants and where his life will take him. Questioning is a journey through the uncertain moments in life and about finding a path to self acceptance; no matter the answer to the question.

Saving Roses

Louann Teresa Fernald

She couldn’t save her best friend’s life. But she used what she learned about domestic violence to save herself and help others.

Honorable tribute to Dorothy Stratten. 2/28/60 – 8/14/80.

Space Gamers

Joseph Jaussi

Ned, a socially awkward teenage boy, dreams of going into space and visiting strange new worlds. Believing he will never get the chance, he immerses himself in video games to get as close to his fantasy as possible. Then one day an alien princess known as Marin, shows up to give him the invitation of a lifetime, to use his gaming skills to play a game on a strange alien world that decides the fate of her planet. After saving her world from the nefarious gamer Zarry, he must also battle Zarry to save Earth.


Jeremy Merrifield

In the shadow of his dad’s cancer, a scrawny teenage boy struggles to navigate high school as he becomes the target of a vicious viral video. When he discovers he has superpowers, he’s forced to decide how he’ll use his newfound abilities and what kind of man he will become in the process.

Sunset Lanes

Elena Weinberg

While working a new job at the local small-town Texas bowling alley, ambitious teen Charlie juggles loyalty to her best friend with a new forbidden romance.


Laurie S Reilly, Kristine Kreska

Experimental Virtual Reality glasses spike a journalist’s adrenaline, thrusting her into the paranormal world as she searches for a missing genius on a rugged California island.


Kevin J. Howard

A startling discovery from interstellar space leads a government organization to investigate a 10-year-old girl in Mississippi, only to have their investigation hampered by an alien invasion.
Firestarter meets Independence Day

Weekend Adults

John Robb Saunders

Lacking any sort of guidance she is willing to listen to, Chloe Rousseau is a wayward, yet gentle-hearted twenty year-old. A lower-class, inner-city French-American girl, Chloe spends most of her time hanging with a less-than stellar crowd.

West of Purgatory

Jason Donofrio

At the height of The Wild West in the 1890s, an ambitious man wants to cement his legacy by killing the wanted Mooreland gang, but gets more than he bargained for. This western epic depicts the ruthlessness, beauty, compassion and endless yearning for freedom that defined the new American frontier.

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Who Let the Wallflowers Out?

Virginia Austin

A high school movie that focuses on the Wallflowers, five geeky seniors who are trying to get through another insane homecoming week. Or, a John Hughes’ coming-of-age comedy until the shooting begins.