Written by:

Raphael Cordova

When Social Media raises a Trump masked criminal into fame, an unusually obssesed detective must stop the notorious influencer, before his final post sparks violence and anarchy in the streets of Los Angeles.

Aktion T-4

Written by:

John Martins III

In Nazi Germany, a Lutheran bishop and a Catholic deacon fight to stop Hitler’s forced euthanasia program, “Aktion T-4.”

And Then There Was Us

Written by:

Chandra Gerson

When three generations of women are forced to face the next chapter in their own personal lives meet, their friendship sees them through laughter, tears, and fears, proving that age is just a number.


Written by:

Samuel Lee Taylor

A preacher who gave up on his faith has to face the ghosts of his past to save his family – and his soul.

Black Star Rising

Written by:

Doug Williams

Barbara Jordan conquers poverty and racism to become a leading black politician in the 1970s. But as she rises, Jordan’s allies sabotage her career because she doesn’t act like a stereotypical “black woman politician.” Though crippled by illness and betrayal, she confronts her critics in one last war against injustice.

Dancing in the White Room

Written by:

David Sabbath

First you use machines; then you wear machines; then you… A message splattered on the subway walls fifty years ago and now, today, the battle cry of the anti-techno revolution.

Deep East Texas

Written by:

Shaun Ireland

Two estranged brothers discover their ex-con step-father has secretly built a crystal methamphetamine lab on their family timber farm. To keep their land from being confiscated by the Sheriff, the brothers put their past differences aside and plan to destroy the lab over the course of a single weekend. Suddenly, with literally everything on the line, their plans are upended when the Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster brings down on their sleepy rural community the World’s attention and every single law enforcement agency in the country.

Flying Bird's Diary

Written by:

Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel

The diary of a determined 19th c. Native American woman propels her people’s dying language and ancient beliefs a century into the future. (This script is based on a true story.)


Written by:

Mark Hedges

A girl survives the Holocaust in Hungary, grows up, raises her own family, flees from Russian invasion in 1956, and finds her faith.

In Too Deep: The Brian Futz Story (A Long Lost 80's Movie)

Written by:

Zack R. Smith & Andrew Miller

30 years after the murders of the most prolific screenwriting duo of the 1980’s, their final screenplay has, at long last, been brought to life — ‘In Too Deep’ is the story of a disgraced college swimmer returning to the pool at age 40 looking for a shot at redemption.

Kid Soldier

Written by:

Kelly J Karam

An Arab boy’s raw but poignant seven day battle for his family’s safety and his life’s purpose plays out on the turbulent streets of World War II-era, Detroit, after his brother suddenly joins the Army and his Jewish friend is killed.

Killer Kisses

Written by:

Scott Daniel Wheeler

After a dramatic murder, a man escapes the wrath of an Indonesian prison by working for the CIA in order to bring down some of the world’s most notorious criminals — including the woman he once loved.


Written by:

Andrew Koponen

“Oakland” is a story based on one of the worst police shootings in America that took place in Oakland, California on January 11, 2001. — Achieving his life long dream, 25 year-old Jack Kerrigan joins the police department in Oakland, California. Within a year of seeing the grim reality of the streets, Officer Kerrigan fatally shoots a man with a gun whom he thought was about to kill another person. That man turns out to be a fellow Police Officer working undercover. Officer Kerrigan must now fight an intense struggle with PTSD for his life and his future. In the end, he comes face to face with an unforeseen person, Antwan, who is enduring a similar battle with his own future survival.

Searching for Michael

Written by:

David Earle

Based on a true story, in November 1961 a search that captured the world began when twenty-three year old Michael Rockefeller, heir to the Rockefeller fortune, disappeared in Dutch New Guinea after his catamaran capsized during an art collecting expedition. His father, New York governor Nelson Rockefeller and Michael’s twin sister Mary embarked on a journey to the other side of the world to join the massive search in a land where headhunting and cannibalism was still in practice among tribal natives… a land called the Asmat. Despite the preceding well-publicized forthcoming divorce of the governor, that has driven a wedge between father and daughter, they struggle to find the strength they desperately need from one another at a time when hope is fading, time is running out of finding him alive, and speculations begin to emerge that Michael might have made it to shore right into the hands of a fearsome headhunter tribe known as Otsjanep.

She's Unexpecting

Written by:

Angela Vaut

When a career driven thirty-something New Yorker reconnects with her ex boyfriend to escort her to an abortion, affection resurfaces even though he is now married and has a child.

The Joy Stik

Written by:

Harold L. Brown

After being fired by his golf club, a womanizing Club Pro struggles to keep his head above water as his penis is being controlled by an angry student’s voodoo doll.


Written by:

Brian K. Moore

In 1997, the courage and sacrifices of Andretta Tillman introduced the world to Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child, catapulting them onto the music scene to ultimately become the most successful female groups of all time. Supported by her trusted partner Brian Moore, Andretta Tillman embarked on a journey to fulfill a lifelong dream that resulted in making of a child of destiny.

Throwing From The Mound

Written by:

Jack Eckert & Juan Bustillo

On September 11, 2001, the world as Americans knew it changed forever. Among them were George W. Bush and Derek Jeter, an untested president and a young baseball star. In the aftermath, the two men find themselves facing a similar task: to re-inspire a devastated nation. As George steps up and leads the country in this terrifying new reality, Derek and the Yankees help New Yorkers the best way they know how, winning game after game. The team soon finds themselves in the 2001 World Series and George is invited to throw out Game Three’s opening pitch at Yankee Stadium. Despite the grave security risk, George accepts. He and Derek both realize that what was once just a game has become a symbol of national defiance and renewal. Throwing From the Mound tells the true story of two leaders, connected by tragedy and purpose and how they both in their own ways helped a wounded nation to heal.

Twin Flames

Written by:

Eric Casaccio

A most popular teenage girl develops a secret soulmate connection with the freakiest outcast in school while her bully boyfriend and minions torture the outsider and eventually rip their friendship apart.

Where the Buffalo Roam

Written by:

Carly Hebert

Contemplating her upcoming marriage, a helpless young woman finds herself on a quest for survival after upturning her wealthy, privileged life in order to forge her own path.